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Airbus A320 CBT

Sphaera’s Airbus A320 CBT delivers over 30 minutes of student self-paced training.

It features narration, interactivity, embedded questions and remedial branching that covers the A320 EFIS and ECAM. It is also suitable for the A319 and A321.

.A320 CBT for EFIS and ECAM


What's in the CBT?

  • Lesson 1: Airbus A320 Electronic Instrument System: The first lesson introduces you to the electronic instrument layout from the Airbus A320 with. You will recieve an overview of the EFIS and the ECAM and learn the names of the displays.
  • Lesson 2: Airbus A320 EFIS: In lesson 2, you take a closer look at the Primary Flight Displays (PFD) and Navigational Displays (ND).
  • Lesson 3: Airbus A320 ECAM: Lesson 3 provides a closer look at the Engine/Warning Display (E/WD) and the System/Status Display (SD).
  • Lesson 4: Airbus A320 ElS System Architechure: In lesson 4, you are taken behind the displays to learn about the system components and interfaces required to generate the imagery on the EFIS and the ECAM displays

Who Should Use It?

  • Student aerospace engineers: The CBT provides excellent supportive information for students studying EASA Part 66 (formerly JAR 66) module 5 (typical electronic / digital aircraft systems) providing a real-world example of the EFIS and ECAM systems from a popular modern commercial aircraft.
  • Pilots: The CBT provides a useful overview and familiarisation of the A320 EFIS and ECAM systems.
  • Aviation enthusiasts: For those simply wanting to learn more about how modern airliners operate, the CBT is ideal.
  • Instructors: The CBT can be used within aviation training colleges or groundschools. You can purchase this product for instructional use by visiting our products list or, for more information, contact us.

.Airbus A320 CBT for EFIS and ECAM


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